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Friday, October 10, 2008

My Japanese Visitor

This post is long overdue... But here I go anyway!

So, for those of you who know me, you probably also know PIKI. A dear friend, auntie (long story), foxy chicken (even LONGER story and for reasons I can't even remember), and finally, an irreplaceable member of the Three Musketeers Team (Mock.... Yeah! Ing.... Yeah!)

And this dear friend of mine came for a short visit. And this would be the perfect moment to pop that corny line...

'If only time could stop...'

Thanks to her short visit, I got to go around BC, as a tourist myself, and also finding myself in love with this city just a tad bit more~ hehe.

And what did we do besides sight seeing? 


How can we leave out CAKE from our busy schedule?
This is in GANACHE, again... (my regular spot, now!)
And ... meeting up with friends include... really, really old friends!
Neighbour Flanders  were part of our friends circle 8, 9 years ago?! And it was a joy meeting up together again, after such a long time. Talking about old times is one of my favourite things to do now. Nostalgia, what an obvious sign of aging.

This is us, at a lounge/bar place near GANACHE, with yummy 'tasting' menus and an atmosphere so relaxing and chic at the same time that we just took the longest time to finish 3 small plates of delicious food.

Here is one of the 3 delicacies we ordered that day...
Oh, it really does taste better than it sounds.... Can you tell from the picture?

And UBC garden!
The weather was hands-down amazing that day - actually, for 3 days Piki was here, the rain was just somehow chased away... by....


And how could we not squeeze in BUBBLE TEA on our last night?
Remember the Pudding Milk Tea at 宝島?

Until next time...... when we go to PARIS!
L'annee prochaine, peut-etre?

Save up now, s'il vous plait!

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