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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And then it hit me...!

Mmm... 最近比較忙! 這禮拜初中﹐小學的課也排的很滿 - 今天在太宰府中學校的時候還忘記下午還必需趕到另一間小學FOR ENGLISH CLUB。>_< ... So, 除了SUMIMASEN 也只能

不過﹐剛才隨意的看了一下四月份去別府的照片後﹐ and then... it hit me! 突然MOTIVATION又來了。念過"願"的你們﹐不覺得照片裡的公園跟劇中的場景很相似嗎? hehe~!

對了-最近趁有空的時候會在YOUTUBE上看"換換愛"。裡面的劇情有時候有點repetitive+obvious﹐可是我覺得演技真的不錯 (except for one character... her acting makes me itch -_-;)。

以下是我目前在劇中的 favourite character:


Monday, June 25, 2007

how do you say [.... ] in ....

... Japanese Sign Language?

Today was my second time at a Japanese Sign Language class. The key sentence was: "What is your job?" And since there were a lot of people who have retired, the teacher gave us the other option: "What is your dream?" And this very kawaii ojisan jumped on the stage and performed his bit - he wanted to be a Magician. Another wanted to be an astronaut.

My first try in communicating "My Job is Teaching English" in sign language to a class. I'm liking it more each time. ^____________^

And now, a few pictures...

This is me and my Movie/Cake buddy, Mitsuyo.

Can you guess from our faces who is the Queen of Cakes?

And... my birthday cake.

No. I wish =) This is Kobayashi-san, a friend from city hall's wedding 2nd party.

Bidding our farewells to the bride and groom....

And yet we meet again soon in 3rd wedding party. ^___________________^


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Almost ONE year!

Well, well, well! one more month and that'll mark my 1 year anniversary in Japan. 不思議だよな!

Here are some pictures from the month of June. What a busy + colorful month!

First up - a picture with my favourite 2nd grader kids from Higashi.

They're all in 2nd grade, including the little dude =)

Baseball snapshot!

Shy boys who don't know how to pose in front of the camera. >.<

Playing basketball with the kids is no joke! tiring but FUN to say the least. I was, however, only 飾り物 (decoration) - didn't do much, except passing the ball to the wrong team. hehe.

After the game - お疲れ様!!

Alright!! Good game, boys and girls. ^_______________^

Friday, June 15, 2007

Back in Elementary School ...

I really, really, really enjoy doing my job. =))

A brief look at my daily schedule at elementary schools:

Period 1, 2, 3, 4 -

A. I greet my kids with gestures, entertain them with English songs (with gestures) - or sometimes, like today, they entertain me with songs such as "Old McDonald Had a Farm", and "I like to eat apple and bananas" - quite a catchy tune =))

B. Then, I tell a story - if anything interesting I thought was worth sharing (today, I told the one where I received an alligator's tooth from BEPPU JIKOKU ONSEN as a gift... =D)

C. Following that, we have a small warm-up game. Simon says, 7up, telephone game... I need to think up more games! ^o^

D. And... then comes the MAIN PART of the lesson, we usually do COLORS, SPORTS, FOOD... etc. Vocab review + games

E. I say "Goodbye! See you next time!", when the kids really high, we usually go for HIGH FIVES, when the class is more shy or tired from dodgeball or boring math class (oops. I'm biased, I know), we have OTONARASHII handshakes.


The school meals are delicious...... and we musn't waste food, so I get to see some of the slow eaters (like myself) devour their food like there's no tomorrow when we're close to the chime. hehe.

Lunch break~!

Usually, we play dodgeball or tag, and while I enjoy both almost equally, the latter really takes the energy out of me. I once thought that my longer legs could outrun the tiny kids in the class...

This is a 4th grader class in MINAMI elementary school.

His smile always gets me smiling.... guess who?

Today, at KOKUBU elementary school. My first time having an entire class bidding me farewell at the school gate! ^0^v

Next week, HIGASHI Jr. High. 楽しみに~!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My first baseball game in Japan...

...in my Jr. High school. ^0^
I haven't been to an actual game yet, but just watching the kids play is pretty exciting. This picture was taken during their Elective class, so they're not wearing the uniform - but I did stop by again after school and seeing little tiny 1st graders in the baseball uniform is really, really cute...!

And, if you've taught English classes in Jr. High (in Japan), you'll find that a lot of the times, students won't reciprocate your GENKI greetings at the beginning of the class. I say: (with a huge smile, energetically) Hi!! Long time no see! HOW ARE YOU? They say: (blank look, hardly excited, sounding robotic, except for a few rare GENKI kids) I'm fine, thank you, and you? But! don't get me wrong, they're super enthusiastic in speaking English to me after the chime, and some are particularly interested in FRENCH. =p Yet.....! Today, I had the MOST GENKI greetings from my students - the baseball group. I walked towards the school yard, where they were practising, and the coach suddenly stopped and shouted that I was coming. Then, I see one student, after another, taking off their caps as to greet me. Finally, when all the boys were holding their cap in their hands, they all shouted in unison in the most enthusiastic tone (it was really moving): "KONNICHIWA!"

What a marvellous end to my day, teaching in Higashi Jr. High. =)


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kobe is famous for its... Cake.
And maybe that's why it is officially now my Second Favourite City. And that's high....!

Kobe Beef.


A bit drained out of energy on our way back. 5 days of touring Osaka, Nara, Kobe... no wonder!

And here comes the last picture........

Kobe Tower... at Sunset!

尤, gambatte-ing making the okonomiyaki look as tasty as it is.

Dig in!

Rainbow Bridge before it actually turns into...

...a Rainbow!
On our way to Osaka...

Obviously enjoying the Shinkansen ride. No carsick this time!

And guess who I bumped into in Nara.... (Bambi!!) First close-up encounter with a deer in Japan. They took all my senbeis!

Rainbow bridge in KOBE.

This looks like a scene from Moulin Rouge, eh?

(...more pix to come)