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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thoughts on people on skytrain

This is my second time witnessing this - and I just have to vent it out.
What is it with people pretending to be blind when there are an obviously pregnant woman standing, struggling to keep her balance on a rocky, crowded skytrain? This is my second time in a week standing beside a pregnant woman who has nowhere to sit.

And while I couldn't tell the people who are sitting down to give up their seat, I did what I thought was appropriate to do - I turned to the pregnant woman standing beside me, and without trying to keep my voice down, over the heads and ears of the people who are all comfortably sitting down, facing a lady whose very body image screams 'pregnant!' - I said -

'Are you doing ok? do you need to sit down?'

People on the skytrain need to stretch their necks, look up from time to time, or stop pretending to be blind or severely handicapped, grow up, and give the elderly and those who desperately need a seat - a seat.


hiukei said...

yea...it aches my heart sometimes..
in the beginning...frustration..
but then i realized
it's the self-centerness everyone is born with...it's the sin that the Bible talks about.
it's in you and it's in me...
without the power living in us...we are no more different.

so..frustration turns into sadness...for ppl need the Light but are refusing to accept it.

hmm...my little response to your thoughts..

btw, i am not postponning my grad school plan...hmm...still something i want to do...but we will see..^_^

Lucia said...

agreed. we're all selfish and sinful by nature. but shouldn't we do something about it, after frustration and being disillusioned?

hiukei said...

of course we should...
there are different ways to 'do something about it'
but i guess that's where the tricky part is...

anyways, i just realized in my last comment..i said i am NOT postponning my grad school plan...
but what i really want to say is i AM postponning but it's still something i want to do...even after i get married and have kids...hahaha!! we'll see!

Lucia said...

um... my mom thinks ur getting married.

hiukei said...

haha...maybe i am...haha!!
i will for sure let you know

Jung said...
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Jung said...

Hiukei, you are getting married? When? Avec qui?

Sorry to hijack this blog for gossips. If anyone of you get married and become pregnant, I will surely give you the seat on a bus or train... :)

Lucia said...

lol. Jung, i didnt know u even come to my blog!
yeah, hiukei needs to spill her beans.
whats the deal? no invitation sent to me?

Lucia said...
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