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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Friday, September 18, 2009

'Cause you're so beautiful - like a, TREE...'

got a new guitar yesterday.....
and among the many songs i would like to learn...
Here is one of them.
Some parts of the lyrics might be a bit offensive, but the melody is neat, and it's just too darn funny :)

*PIki, doesn't this remind u of our 'dress' / improv song on the piano? we gotta come up with something else, and make a youtube video! lol.


Looking round room,
I can tell that you
Are the most beautiful girl in the...room.
In the whole wide room

And when you're on the street
Depending on the street
I bet you are definitely in the top three
Good looking girls on the street
Depending on the street
And when I saw you at my mate's place
I thought what...is...she...doing...
At my mate's place
How did Dave get a hottie like that to a party like this

Good one Dave!!!
Ohhhh you're a legend, Dave!
I asked Dave if he's going to make a move on you
He's not sure
I said "Dave do you mind if I do?"
He says he doesn't mind
but I can tell he kinda minds
but I'm gonna do it anyway
I see you standing all alone by the stereo

I dim the lights down very low, here we go
You're so beautiful
You could be a waitress
You're so beautiful
You could be an air hostess in the 60s
You're so beautiful
You could be a part...time...model

And then I seal the deal
I do my moves
I do my dance moves
It's twelve oh two
Just me and you
And seven other dudes
Around you on the dance floor
I draw you near
Let's get outta here

Let's get in a cab
I'll buy you a kebab!
Now I can't believe
That I'm sharing a kebab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen
With a kebab

Why don't we leave?
Let's go to my houseand we can feel each other up on the couch
Oh no. I don't mind taking it slow-ho-ho, no-ho-ho, yeah.

Cause you're so beautiful
Like a, tree
Or a high-class prostitute
You're so beautiful
Mmm, you could be a part-time model

But you'd probably have to keep your normal job
A part-time model!
Spending part of your time, modelling,
and part of your time, next to meeeeeeeeee!
My place is usually tidier than this...



Hahaha, I can't believe you watch flight of the conchords too....neat....XD

(This is Yuan)

Lucia said...

Yuan! i was going to mention your name - because i knew this is the kind of 'witty humor' you'd appreciate. AHAHA.. aren't they awesome? i really liked their live performance of 'THE ISSUES', too.