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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St-Val Celebration.... Extended Version

What better things to celebrate St-Val's with other than.....



Mmm... OMURAISU-me.

There's a place called OMUYA おむや in Tenjin, a small, charming restaurant that's famous for - um - OMURAISU, and a funny mannequin that resembles something between Kris Kringle and the KFC man.
But! hands down, BEST OMURAISU I've had in Japan so far.

And, pictures from last week, at my GENKI Jr. High.
I finally redeemed my reputation with a game of Basketball. I can't kick and run at the same time, but apparently I can dribble.
Oh yes!!
Tomorrow, though, I got myself into another Soccer disaster at my other Jr High. I'll hope for the best.

Also, an extended St-Val's party organized by my kawaii students, who decided to show me the way it's done - celebrate with colorful Mochis!
Don't let the colors mislead you, as much as they look like play dough, the scariest part is the sauce they introduced me to.

But, all in all, it was おいしいいいいい。

Happy Belated St-Valentine's Day!

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