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Friday, March 23, 2007

On Beaches and Ice Skating

I know that Spring making its way through the rain, the chilly breeze, and possibly flurries in some places.... BUT.... do allow me to add to the possibly already growing summer anticipation hidden in all --- BEACH SEEKERS.

Nostalgia, nostalgia.

Summer 2006, Vancouver. On our way back from a tiring day trip from Whistler.

Last [complete] LEE family trip we had before I left for Japan. "Don't... cry for me... Ausgustina..."

Wonderful view, I couldn't seem more happy in this picture.

Summer 2004, Inchon, Korea. My dear Neighbour Jen and dear JinJoo.

Summer 2005 (...? did I get the date right? correct me if I'm wrong on this one, Flanders..), Vancouver - Doggie Beach with Edmond and Elaine. (No, there's no dogs in this picture, if you tried to look for one, you did that in vain. Stop looking. Now.)

Now for those of you who walked with me in my Japanese Drama Mania journey during my memorable teenage years... these pictures undoubtedly speak for themselves. For those who [un/fortunately? debatable] weren't ... well, I won't dedicate a blog about my drama obsession - a thing in the past (...?) but I will still recommend this wonderful drama called: BEACH BOYS. It's a lot more than it sounds .... Granted, Sorimachi and Takenouchi are still part of the essential substance of the overall drama, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.

Oh. This is no picture about summer nostalgia... Wait. Look again. Pay close attention. Closer, closer...

Nah. It's just crazy bunch experimenting on Just How Creepy We Can Look on a fine Saturday afternoon. I think we hit close. Very close. =))

* * * * *

And ... time for my Random Note of the Day. Love this part!

Tomorrow will my FIRST TIME skating here in Japan. Ho ho ho. My anticipation is at one of its highest moments. Wonder if I'll accidently land an axel and...
I'll stop. hehehehe. =))
And this....
... will be me tomorrow at approximately 1:30-ish in the skating rink. Without the teddy and the puffy blue dress.
I could do with the matching ribbons though.

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pei*2 said...

It is very interesting of seeing some "old" pictures about you. Love your idea of grouping your picture based on an theme.

Skating..wow..must be very exciting. Hope to see you soon.