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Saturday, March 24, 2007

To teach...

So I went skating with a friend today!

The rink was okay, a bit old, and when we arrived, the ice hadn't been cleaned for a while, so the surface was quite rough. But we had a good time anyway.

Stories to tell? Got tons, but here I'll only tell one. Last time I chatted with Daisuke, an elementary teacher from one of the schools I teach at, we talked about sports, and inevitably Ice Skating took over as it is the only sport I'm actually interested in. So, we decided to go skating - and I was kind of worried at first since I hadn't been on ice since last summer - but I forgot to inquire of Daisuke's skating history.

Apparently he hadn't skated for 15 years.

So, I had teach him, while lacking professional training whatsoever myself (had a few lessons at the Dorval Figure Skating Club, and then got blindly inspired by a Japanese manga called ICE PRINCESS) ... I had to take up the role of a teacher in a crowded ice rink. And then I realized something.
I am not very good at teaching.
While I can skate at a reasonable speed and [at times] maintain a subtle trace of grace on ice ... I found it exceptionally hard to explain, demonstrate, and just... teaching it in general. Then I started to think back on the times when I had to explain simple procedures of games, activities during Fellowship time and even sometimes at school... and I can easily get caught between the mixed up orders, the messed-up rules, and sometimes even the objective of the whole thing. My point is, I think I need to be organized with my thoughts, and make the effort to add clarity to my explanations.

I am, after all, TEACHING in Japan. ^-^;;

Other than that, today was great fun, and after 3 hours of struggling with his skates & balance, I think my friend did not bad ... even under my supervision. Hahaha. First time as a skating coach. ooh, and it shall be the last.

Alright, waiting for my body to start aching tomorrow.

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