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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"Hello, Goodbye!"

The 3rd graders from my Jr. High schools are leaving this month ... !

Heartwarming messages.

(I especially liked this one, and am quite impressed with the writing... Nice one, 裕司! this at least proves that the English Club did him some good. Somewhat. =D)

Now... the STUDENTS.

The boys from 3-1

Girls from 3-1, 3-2 & 3-3

The Boys from 3-3

Girls from 3-3


I will miss them.

Funny thing though - I asked their English teacher whether if she would miss her students from this semester, and she answered NO, in the most abrupt and confident manner. Wonder if teachers get immune from seeing their students graduating. I hope I'll always be sentimentally vulnerable.

"You say Goodbye, and I say Hello...." - beatles

* * * *
This is Kabu-sensei - one of my favourite teachers in elementary schools. She took us to to the most exquisite apple-pie/curry restaurant. (Notice the period between the sentences - I don't mean that I like her BECAUSE of the apple pies. But they REALLY were excellent.) Kabu-sensei loves to travel and is unstoppable when it comes to Onsen. I'm going to make her take me one day. And, also more Apple Pies.

* * * *
On a more random note: This picture below describes how I feel today.

And this? ... Why a Brontosaurus you ask? ... well ... go figure.




vespertine said...

Loved your comment about my "crushes"...for a second, I forgot that his character was "Mr.Coulson" in the movie...hahah! Ahh...I think we can share the crushes; it wouldn't be the first time! *winkwink*

Your students are really cute...remember Lucia, you don't know your destiny!

Jung Ko said...

Why a Brontosaurus? I guess you are feeling old today?