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Monday, November 19, 2007

Tripping... my hidden talent

Piki will choke on her Ramen, and noodles will shoot out from her nose if she is reading this, but..... I tripped in public again.
Two days in a row.

Sunday, I was walking out from a Starbucks in downtown TENJIN, while checking if my cellphone was in my bag (sometimes, it's really not there, but where I last sat) and not stumbling into anything particular, I tripped - on what, I frankly don't recall - and displayed the most embarassing dance steps you can ever imagine. I twirled around in the most awkward manner, while flapping my arms like a crazy duck in order to keep my balance for at least five whole seconds. Maybe it would've been better if I fell. And someone will then come up to ask if I was okay - eh? Pikiちゃん?

Today, as I was walking to Starbucks to meet my friend in the parking lot (Stabucks? Again?!... it really just hit me...), again, looking for my cellphone to check for messages, I somehow lost balance as I was walking on flat, steady, cement ground, and tripped. This time, I fell face front, first on my knees, then used my hands to keep myself from further embarassment. When I turned around, no grinning passengers were in sight. But something tells me that the people sitting in Starbucks about twenty steps away might've coincidentally looked out the window and saw the whole thing.

Or not.

... I get it. It is the CURSE OF STABUCKS.

That, or perhaps I should stop multi-tasking while walking, and check for my cellphone when sitting down.

That being said, I hope today is my LAST TRIPPING incident in Japan.
Thank God that didn't happen when I was hiking two weeks ago.

* * *


This is me making a Japanese Uchiwa (fan) at an elementary school last Saturday during World Festival.

And this is us eating GYOZAS at 11pm after a Second Wedding Party - of which more pictures will soon be posted! It was a lovely wedding, and my friend, the beautiful Bride is moving to Tokyo. >.<

* * *

And, it is currently 10 degrees outside, Winter is on its way! time for HOT CHOCOLATE, WARM MITTENS, and SNOWFLAKES FALLING ON MY CHEEKS!


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