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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Walking to Bairing Park in Dazaifu...

School Outing!

Passing by a Tea Shop near Tenmangu Shrine

I thought I came prepared with a hat for UV Block, but according to most elementary (female) teachers, that isn't enough. They have giant hats, gloves, and bottles of sunscreen - "whitening" is something not to be taken lightly here. And this is Chinami, she really made an impression on me when I saw how genuine caring she is with the special students in her class last year. =)) When she smiles, I smile!

Lunch with the 2-nensei boys . The kids are crazy about snacks and are extremely enthusiastic about sharing. Nakanosei, the boy on the left (*peace*) is a funny kid. When I teach his class I would sometimes participate in the English activities as well, and I often had the students ask each other survey questions, so I'd also have a chance to interact with them ... and Nakanosei is one of those who shrugs and laughs everytime I ask him a question in English. Probably out of fear of embarassment, or simply put, by my threatning air, he'd always run away from me when I try to approach him with the hope of improving his English speaking skills. Anyways, I was finally, fortuntely reassured that he wasn't scared of ME, when he dropped by to sit with me for lunch. When I asked him to share his candies, he pretended to be mean and refused. Then, he made me hold out my hand and generously offered me all sorts of Japanese yummy snacks.

Then, more snacks sharing with the girls. Due to the hot weather, most of our chocolate candies became FONDUE.

On our way back, I got stuck in a VERY interesting conversation with these two boys and Nakanosei. One of them asked me: 「誰か本当に好きなんって、どういう感じ?」 *When you really, really like someone... what does that feel like?* Apparently one of the boys was confused whether or not he really liked a girl in his class. So cute... my students are struggling with their 初恋.  だけど、自分だって答えがわからないかな...


My first time going on 遠足 in Japan!
Next time, I'm getting one those giant mushroom hats and gloves... Hey, something you can only do in Japan, I guess! kkk.

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