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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I promised more pix, and here they are! From yesterday's 飲み会 / Drinking Party with 国分小学校!

First off, 乾杯!I'm liking 日本酒 (Japanese Sake) more and more...!
Though I've learned, through experience, that it is an unpleasant mix with beer - a fact only to be discovered the next morning with a huge headache.

This is 悦子先生(Etsuko), who used to teach with me but is teaching 1st grade starting from this term. ...><... She's so soft-spoken that I'm afraid the kids will swarm over her - so 優しい

Now the guys... 岡村先生、西村先生、Matt and 大輔先生. We had such a great time, and partly I think it's because of the overwhelming enthusiasm from the teachers. I guess it's not everyday you drink with 2 foreigners, speak Japenglish, play Janken to decide who gets to eat the fish's eyesballs, learn about an alternative word for 'porn', introducing new nicknames at the table, all-you-can-drink, tasty Japanese dishes, and ultimately having a blast. We've agreed to make this a monthly activity now.

Cheers! ... and peace! v^-^v

One of us pulled a FLOWER pose. The rest of us were regrettably uninformed beforehand ... or else it would've been a very, very cute picture indeed.

Next time... Karaoke!
* * * * *
I was told for the FIRST time in Japan that...

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