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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kagoshima Trip: slideshow

One minute past my weekday sleeping curfew. I'm just going to run through this like there's no tomorrow.



White Bear Ice Dessert + Chinese Restaurant = go figure ...

Three girls (Michelle, me, Maggie) took the suggestion to go biking around Sakurajima, but suprisingly enjoyed it.. so, so much! Thx, Steve - Master of the ultimate food-poisoning joke. (unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to write it... hilarious vulgarity, one day, one day...)

"--Passion Lives Here."

We then hiked on a long, long hill...

Cherry Blossom along the way... actually, ALL along the way...

Tourists acting touristy. bring out the cameras!


Steve taking a snack break. Did I forget to mention this was a dinosaur park? My first time-and I deem it to be my last-walking through the butthole of a brontosauraus.

I didn't know Tim Burton made it all the way to Kagoshima to plant this tree. But I am convinced that he did.

A second meal at an exquisite Izakaya after a tiny, 60$ yakuniku dinner. Michelle looks a bit tipsy and Steve looks dazed.

Cheers! Kagoshima soju.

Breakfast at our hotel. And what a nice hotel it was... Onsen view was breathtaking and Maggie and I went back after Breakfast.

Shiroyama Kankou Hoteru.

Onsen for feet right outside the train station. We had exactly 10 minutes before we had to get on the train. The experienced lasted for approx. 4 minutes. After this trip, I think we've all become professional racers against Time.

Savouring Sweet Patato Chips and Starbucks.

Sneaked into the nicer cabin. Giggled like a bunch of teenage girls. Fun times.

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