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Monday, April 2, 2007

Fun times, and more to come!

Recently, I realized that I've been keeping my FUN pictures all to myself for a while. So I reckon it's time ...


めぐみ先生, a teacher from 国分小学校 who is one of the most adorable people I met in Japan - who, by the way, just got married! I believe she's on her honeymoon in Australia =)) おめでとうございます!!

純歌 (すみか), one of my former students from Jr. High - just graduated last month! ^^ Bumped into my pretty student in the Sticker Picture Machine/Arcade. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I look younger than the Mature Sumika.

This is Maggie, whose beautiful eyes are twice the size as mine (hence, 豆豆), another JET in a nearby city who is from New Zealand! Absolutely adorable personality and I fear we both have a fetish for CLASSY RESTAURANTS... which brings me to the next picture.

Ta-da! If anyone is familiar with old Japanese drama... and if you are, then you probably have seen 美味しい関係. This restaurant is a mix of that particular atmosphere and of the place in the newer drama ANTIQUE CAKESTORE. It's the perfect place for...(can you hear the fake *cough*?) デート... ;p My first French Dinner in Japan.

Picture taken outside the place for Drinking Party in Dazaifu East High School. This is 寺岡先生, the English Teacher I work with. I always enjoy our brief chats on the way to the class, and she is also an informative Cosmetic Shopper. kkk.

This is just last Friday - Drinking Party with the people at City Hall. It was a Farewell Party for the lady on my right is 二瀬さん, one of the first people I met in Dazaifu. Maybe that's why I feel so at home when she's around, I'll miss her! The other is 花田課長, again, one of the cutest people I know in Japan. Words are really inept in describing just how cute, kind and funny he is. Today, when I was pouring coffee, he came up behind me to inform me that when his wife and him drove past me this morning, his wife thought that I had gained a bit of weight since December. Then, he scratched his head a few times, laughed with me, making gestures to indicate my inflating cheeks and went straight back to work. I could take the Chubby Cheeks comment from 花田課長 with no offense taken whatsoever ... but to my dear friend John who might be reading this, Shush..... say no more..... it's the cakes doing its magic. I simply can't resist.

緒方係長、阿部さん、水上先生。I believe I already introduced two of these wonderful people from City Hall, but not the one in the middle, to whom I give the nickname Superman. Why? Simply because he looks strikingly familiar to Clark Kent.

水上先生, also known as Mr. Niko-niko (*Smile-smile), and 大山さん, who makes random (sometimes uncomprehensible) jokes when he drinks.

花田課長and森木さん, who is wearing his tie over his head. His adorable, childlike personality unravels as soon as he has couple of drinks, and is especially enthusiastic when it comes to Karaoke. Also, thanks to him I got to see SMAP in concert.

* * * * *
Today, I received a sincere compliment; I was glad to hear it but it made me think; just how often are compliments sincerely given and thankfully received? I read somewhere that one needs to be generous with compliments, and while that is [arguably] a proper behavior, I wonder if we should also filter them through the sincerity net we should spread out before 'something nice' eagerly slips out. Something about superficiality with words seem to bother me these days. Is it because I myself am susceptible to such hypocrisy?
Okay, I'm going to leave that thought here and head to bed. A day at City Hall with one of my favourite bunch of people here, and then a Drinking Party with one of my favourite schools at night to look forward to. Expect more FUN pictures to come! (^-^)v


hiukei said...

your student definitely looks WAY older than you!!!
she looks like she is 26 or something!! sugoi!!

JOY said...

How lovely to see so many smiling faces including yours.

Thanks for sharing them with us.