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Thursday, June 7, 2007

My first baseball game in Japan...

...in my Jr. High school. ^0^
I haven't been to an actual game yet, but just watching the kids play is pretty exciting. This picture was taken during their Elective class, so they're not wearing the uniform - but I did stop by again after school and seeing little tiny 1st graders in the baseball uniform is really, really cute...!

And, if you've taught English classes in Jr. High (in Japan), you'll find that a lot of the times, students won't reciprocate your GENKI greetings at the beginning of the class. I say: (with a huge smile, energetically) Hi!! Long time no see! HOW ARE YOU? They say: (blank look, hardly excited, sounding robotic, except for a few rare GENKI kids) I'm fine, thank you, and you? But! don't get me wrong, they're super enthusiastic in speaking English to me after the chime, and some are particularly interested in FRENCH. =p Yet.....! Today, I had the MOST GENKI greetings from my students - the baseball group. I walked towards the school yard, where they were practising, and the coach suddenly stopped and shouted that I was coming. Then, I see one student, after another, taking off their caps as to greet me. Finally, when all the boys were holding their cap in their hands, they all shouted in unison in the most enthusiastic tone (it was really moving): "KONNICHIWA!"

What a marvellous end to my day, teaching in Higashi Jr. High. =)


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pei*2 said...

Wow..for sure this will make your day! Do you know that Rebecca LOVES to eat cake? ^^

Last Sunday, we went to a very good cake store at Los Altos downtown. Rebecca was very excited and kept saying "蛋糕(cake..cake)" to the sample cakes. After she was done her BIG piece. She just walked right in front of cashier and asked for MORE cake =_=.

Hope to see you soon! Take care

In Him