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Friday, June 15, 2007

Back in Elementary School ...

I really, really, really enjoy doing my job. =))

A brief look at my daily schedule at elementary schools:

Period 1, 2, 3, 4 -

A. I greet my kids with gestures, entertain them with English songs (with gestures) - or sometimes, like today, they entertain me with songs such as "Old McDonald Had a Farm", and "I like to eat apple and bananas" - quite a catchy tune =))

B. Then, I tell a story - if anything interesting I thought was worth sharing (today, I told the one where I received an alligator's tooth from BEPPU JIKOKU ONSEN as a gift... =D)

C. Following that, we have a small warm-up game. Simon says, 7up, telephone game... I need to think up more games! ^o^

D. And... then comes the MAIN PART of the lesson, we usually do COLORS, SPORTS, FOOD... etc. Vocab review + games

E. I say "Goodbye! See you next time!", when the kids really high, we usually go for HIGH FIVES, when the class is more shy or tired from dodgeball or boring math class (oops. I'm biased, I know), we have OTONARASHII handshakes.


The school meals are delicious...... and we musn't waste food, so I get to see some of the slow eaters (like myself) devour their food like there's no tomorrow when we're close to the chime. hehe.

Lunch break~!

Usually, we play dodgeball or tag, and while I enjoy both almost equally, the latter really takes the energy out of me. I once thought that my longer legs could outrun the tiny kids in the class...

This is a 4th grader class in MINAMI elementary school.

His smile always gets me smiling.... guess who?

Today, at KOKUBU elementary school. My first time having an entire class bidding me farewell at the school gate! ^0^v

Next week, HIGASHI Jr. High. 楽しみに~!

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