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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Monday, June 25, 2007

how do you say [.... ] in ....

... Japanese Sign Language?

Today was my second time at a Japanese Sign Language class. The key sentence was: "What is your job?" And since there were a lot of people who have retired, the teacher gave us the other option: "What is your dream?" And this very kawaii ojisan jumped on the stage and performed his bit - he wanted to be a Magician. Another wanted to be an astronaut.

My first try in communicating "My Job is Teaching English" in sign language to a class. I'm liking it more each time. ^____________^

And now, a few pictures...

This is me and my Movie/Cake buddy, Mitsuyo.

Can you guess from our faces who is the Queen of Cakes?

And... my birthday cake.

No. I wish =) This is Kobayashi-san, a friend from city hall's wedding 2nd party.

Bidding our farewells to the bride and groom....

And yet we meet again soon in 3rd wedding party. ^___________________^


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