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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy, Expensive, Fun-filled Weekend!

I've decided.
For the next month, I'm going to have UNEXPENSIVE weekends and spent my big bucks wisely.
Less travels, less shoppings, and less Fukuoka delicacies.
Hang on, hold that last thought. I probably can't resist the Fukuoka Yumminess. That one will have to stay.

That being said, I suppose it'd be safe to post this picture:

Sheenae and I at ALOHANA - a stylish, delicious Hawaiian restaurant in Tenjin. Our dessert was APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKE. (Someone tell me that Hawaii is famous for its Apple Cinnamon Pancake.) It was GREAT! Hot and fluffy with that hint of cinnamon. Oh! and a scoop of half-melted Vanilla Ice Cream on top.....

* * * *

And the latter half of this post will be on HOW I'M LOVING FUKUOKA MORE EACH DAY...

This weekend, there was a music fest going on, kind of like the Jazz Festival in Montreal, but I actually like it more over here = Music City Tenjin.
So, basically, various music artists from all around Japan (some, obviously from our Music City FUKUOKA...!) are scheduled to perform in different spots at different times. Yesterday, I stopped by Daimaru (department store) with two friends and heard a song or two, and today, I had even more fun - walking around Tenjin, and unexpectedly bumping into GREAT MUSIC everywhere I go!

*First one was in front of another department store, after my friend Sheenae and I finished our Hawaiian lunch. JUNE, is the name of the artist, and looks and sounds a bit like Se7en. Got his CD and an autograph!

*The second unexpected encounter was at Starbucks, where we savoured our afternoon coffee - ET, a female singer with short, spikey hair, and a powerful yet soothing voice - the perfect Phoebe (a much better singer...nonetheless) during coffee hour.

*The last one, and perhaps the BEST performance of the day, was at SOLARIA PLAZA. A good thing I insisted we make a bathroom trip, otherwise we would've missed the incredible band from Kansai called GUKKLE グックル. The singer had a contagious smile and charm - and by the way he was singing, we all knew that he was in love with music, and that he loved sharing his music with the audience. Then there was the SUPERB pianist, and the INCREDIBLE drummer... there's nothing compared to seeing & hearing musicians giving all they got, releasing their passion, not just hitting the right notes and the right tunes, but playing simply 'cause they love it. And I loved it.

* * * *

And...... skip back to last weekend.
HOT SPRING weekend with Maggie.
And we spent an afternoon designing our own cups!
They'll get here in A MONTH!


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