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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yesterday, I had a FAREWELL PARTY with the people at my office.
I'm never good at goodbyes.
But this was the funnest farewell party I ever had.

The people who changed positions are the section chief, my supervisor and another lady-whose job I cannot seem to remember. It was sad to see them leave - after a year being in the same office, going to the same NOMKAIS (drinking parties), they eventually become family in Japan. And the ones leaving just happen to be my favourite people.

But anyhow, the party was a BLAST.

-amazing food: we went to an ONSEN place up on the mountains, and ate in a huge tatami room with excellent view (Did I mention that the food was amazing?)

-great crowd: obviously, eating and drinking with family is one of the greatest things to do in life - and I enjoyed every bit of conversation I had with everyone - even when they were a bit tipsy.

-funny scenes: my former supervisor got a bit tipsy and went downstairs to the lobby and bought five, bright pink roses. They first served as mics, then props for dancing, and then were distributed to a few special ladies from the office. I received one, and somehow ended up with two (one lady didn't want to take it home).

-not-so-funny scene: when we were KANPAI-ing in the beginning of the party, my hand accidentally banged into someone else's beer, and the whole cup went flying across the table, spilling beer, soya sauce, maybe even slices of Sashimi on my lap, shirt, and my supervisor's expensive bag.................................

But it ended on a happy note.

And we all reached the same conclusion that night.


In English, it means CLUMSY.
Frankly, the word has never really left my reputation ever since I.....

...Tripped over someone's leg and fell face front, in front of a WHOLE CROWD of Isaiah and Daniel fellowship in Grace church
... Tripped on the stairs with my lunch tray flying aross the room at a Winter Retreat (while SOMEONE watched from her seat, trying so hard not to burst out laughing... mm....)
... Tucked in the inner layer of my skirt into my stockings at a Wedding

And there are so many more OCHO-KOCHOI instances that are far too embarassing to be listed in a public blog.

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