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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Saturday, July 12, 2008



Recently, I've had my share of 「最後の...」s.
Countdown: 20 days. And with all the farewell parties, speeches, packing, last goodbyes... time is going to pass by so fast. And maybe with all the busyness and the hectic schedule I have to cope with for the next two weeks and half will somehow lessen the sadness!! 


Know how I know we belong in the same 'family'?
We both share the same trait....

My Last Lunch with the 二年生s in Jr. High.
Guess who is my favourite student? 
(他私底下的綽號是Teddy Bear. 他的導師很好笑。知道我會到班上一起用餐,特別把我安排在My Teddy Bear的那一桌,也刻意把我的椅子擺在他的左手邊。哈哈...!)

So many goodbyes...

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