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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Takao Ando 安藤 忠雄

When I was in Taiwan in March, I was eating breakfast while flipping through the morning paper and came across a whole section on a famous Japanese architect---Andou Takao. What kept me reading was a picture of a church that he had built in Osaka, called the Church of Light. And I'm sure no better name could've been chosen for this church. Its main theme is based on shade and light, with concrete taking on the first role, and a window shaped in the form of the cross as the latter. 

... I'm horrible at architectural description.

Here are some visual aids:

(This is his other church in Hokkaido - thx to Hiukei for pointing that out!)

What an amazing sight...! 
To friends who are making traveling plans to Japan.... visit Osaka and go to this church!!

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hiukei said...

the first photo is another church he designed in Hokkaido i think...
church on the water

yea...church of light is BEAUTIFUL!