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Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Home from HOME...!

Leaving Vancouver in 30 minutes!
It's funny how I can call Vancouver my HOME when I've never actually really lived here. During the last 2 years of McGill, I flew back for Spring Break, Winter Break, and then finally a 2 month Summer break - the longest I've ever stayed in Vancouver. And then JET happened. Japan then became my next destination.

I think one of the hardest questions anyone can ask me as of now is, WHERE'S YOUR HOME? Sure, I could give the old corny line - which I didn't mind using until recently, when I gave more thought to it - HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, right? Right....

So where's my HEART?

Montreal has my first 2 homes in Canada, my elementary school, my high school, and (my beautiful, beautiful) McGill Campus. I think I wouldn't mind climbing up the hill to the Education building now. My home churches, my friends, my coffee hangouts, my favourite cake shops! All the good times, crazy times, fun times, hyper times, sad times, exciting times ... well, they belong there. My heart is there.

Seoul, Korea! I had one of the CRAZIEST 5 months of my life so far there, in and around YONSEI. My dear long-distance friends.... Late-night chattings, DILIGENT studying, random trips, SOJU rounds, and ..... Red Mango. Oops, and MIGOs. I miss them - people and the Korean yumminess.
My heart (and part of my stomach) is there.

Vancouver..... This one probably weighs a bit more. My family, my third home in Canada... Morning/Evening walks in Deer Lake, trips to Richmond simply for the fact that over there, DimSum tastes better. I can still taste the wonderful Beef Soup Noodles I had yesterday night, cooked by Mom, and the freshly-baked cookies by Dad this morning (a box is safely stored in my luggage). My first DRIVE.... in my brother's car, boys chat with my little sister, Jo.... They are growing up so fast! Sometimes I wish that time could freeze - just for a year, so that when I come back, things will still be the same, and I could watch them grow and grow with them.
My heart is definitely there.

And now... Japan. Ohhh.... how could I even begin to write of how beautiful and just awesome my beloved city, Dazaifu, is? It's beautiful. It's awesome. My blog contains posts and posts of the people, the food, the sceneries and many fortunate incidents along the way..... in the past year. And now, the start of a new school year, a new beginning. I'm excited.
My heart is flying there now...

So where is my home?
I.... think for lot of questions, there are more than one answer. And this one is definitely one of them. One answer is not only difficult to give, but impossible.

Home is where the heart is, and my heart is all over the place, I mean, the world.

I'm going HOME!

Wish me good flying.

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