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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Monday, August 27, 2007

Nostalgia... and a new beginning

Finally, HOME. In Japan, that is!
And....... I find that my life here peaceful, enjoyable, and absolutely..... great.
But that certainly doesn't stop me from missing my other HOME.

This is my little brother, Augustin, sporting a Dragonball hairstyle. (Wei, Dragonaball is OLD, but you wear it like the cover page of Rolling Stones! You pulled it off, Esqueleto!)

This is my little sister, Jodie, with her freshly cut fringe. She looks lovely and I can't believe she's going to Jr. High in September. Jo! Don't grow up too fast!

This is YUE YUE. My beloved puppy.... Oh, dear. I miss her so much.

You might notice that YUE also wears her bangs in the front. Haha! Someone brush her hair! (Joooooo.... Weiiiii.....)

And, as I'm back in Dazaifu, doing my own grocery shopping, I'm back to my weekly routine again. FLOWERS. Except this time, I did not only get my everytime must-buy CALLA LILY, but a new kind..... It's a small, delicate purple flower subtly & beautifully accompanied with hints of yellow.
The name?
It must be the flower Le Petit Prince was meant to find, instead of the Rose.
hahahahaha. never mind.

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