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Friday, January 25, 2008


My good friend Sheenae recently joined a cooking studio - and this is the first cake she made - I got to be the lucky guinea pig. to all my friends who bake cakes as a hobby, I am at your service anytime - to try that first bite!

Here it is..... TA-DA!


* * * *

And sadly, today was my last day in this JR. HIGH, in January.
I hope some of you found my embarrassing soccer story enjoyable, because have I got another one for you.

Today, at lunchtime, the same bunch urged me to play with them again. You're thinking: 'What?! haven't they realized that the poor girl can't play?!' ... yes, so was I. But I thought, hey, maybe my Beginner's luck is just a day late. Why don't I give myself a second chance. I can't possibly be THAT bad.

Here's one scene among the many other humiliating incidents that happened in the game today:

Student M: (shouts to me) ルシア!頑張ってね! (Rushia! Good luck this time!)
Me: (smiling nervously, 'please, please don't purposely pass me the ball and put me on the spot at the very start of the game)
Student N and T: (still passing around the soccer ball)
Me: ('Good... keep it to yourselves for as long as you can, I need to warm up first)
Student M: (shouts to N and T) ちょっと、ルシアにやれよ! (hey, you gotta pass the ball to her!)
Student T: (kicks the ball to me)
Me: (Freezes on the spot.... )
The Ball: (making its way towards me, a bit too fast for a beginner, but luckily I was standing right by the goal)
Me: (finally getting into my kicking pose - thought I actually looked professional for a brief moment there - A STRONG KICK ....)
The Ball: ( stubbornly and obviously misses the goal, hits the right-side pole, and left the 7 players-including myself, dumbfounded and speechless. I was 5 feet away from the goal.)
(A 3 seconds pause)
Student M: おい!あのポールが邪魔じゃないかよ?! (hey! what the heck is that pole doing, getting in the way?!)
Student N & T: ルシア!ドンマイドンマイ! (Rushia! Don't mind! Don't mind! - meaning 'Don't worry about it!)


And I'm a bit relieved that I won't play another Soccer Game for another three weeks. Maybe I should practice when I'm at Elementary Schools. But then again, I wonder what are the chances that I'll be invited to join another game after my spectacular performance today?

Soccer Team

Soccer Team and The Girl Who Can't Play Soccer For Life

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