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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

『...Shall we LUNCH?』

There's ABSOLUTELY nothing compared to teaching here in Dazaifu.
OK, from that, it's probably easy to guess what kind of day I had at school today... ^0^

This week, I'm teaching at one Jr High, with very GENKI grade 9 students, and yes - I have favourites!
So, though I'm not scheduled to teach at any classes today, I joined one English class, and I happily neglected my teaching duties and chatted with my students.
(ha.. ha.. but of course, I don't ALWAYS do that (`-`)v...)

And then... came Lunchtime.

Usually, I eat my lunch in the Faculty Office, chatting with other teachers or reading away, unlike Elementary where I have to eat with the students while keeping an eye on my plate so that no spit accidently fall unto my food - great fun eating with the kids, though - then, we either play ONI-GO-KOU (tag) or DODGEBALL.
However, today, just as I was about to open my BENTO BOX (and it's one of the most exciting moments you can get to in life... what will it be today, TEMPURA-DON? HAMBA-GU? KATSU-DON?).... but before I even got to steal a glance at it...

...I was distracted by this:

'RUSHIA!! e---to... SHALL WE...e---, LUNCH? SHALL WE LUNCH??'
Then I saw a few familiar faces peeking through the half-opened door. Three of my 9th grade boys are grinning and waving, carrying their class' lunch tray.

And well, of course, I couldn't possibly say no to such a grammatically correct invitation!

At my table, I was asked to talk about what I love about Japan, where I live in Canada, showed off a magic trick, and was introduced to the OTAKU of the class. Very interesting conversation we had going on there.
As lunchtime ended, I was rushed into a game of ONI-GO-KOU with 7 boy students, and after being warned by the teacher not to RUN ('...not to run in a game of TAG?' you must be thinking, but nah, we did anyway =D) we did a few rounds of JANKEN, and then the CHASE began....

....and ended with the 5th period chime.


Well, we also planned a GRADUATION party at lunch, hopefully it won't involve bowling, because that's my second weakest sport after... well, DODGEBALL.

* * * *



January 2nd - New Year's LUNCH/DINNER/POKER CARD ROUND at my Supervisor's house with her family. The winner got MONERY PRIZE sponsored by the generous parents... 負けたけど。へへ。



GIANT SUNDAES.... that's right...! Not everything is mini in Japan.

(*NOTE: I did not have a dessert marathon, these were taken in the past month... weekly.)

And... last, but definitely not least...

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY, メギー!!

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