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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last day of January 2008.......!

So let the countdown begin!
Exactly 6 months and 22 days left until my departure for C A N A D A.

This afternoon, right after my 6th period class, it hit me - this time next year, I won't be here, teaching GENKI (and some not so GENKI) students English while playing games for 4, 5 hours a day!

Believe it or not, it's hard to picture my weekly routine without teaching English, even if most often than not, my job consists of dancing HOKEY POKEY, KARUTA, and other ENJOY-ENJOY ENGLISH GAMES.

Well! All the more important it is for me to realize that time is what I make of it - that being said, I must (!!) not take it for granted, and grasp every opportunity to be Joyful - and that should be made consistent by the minute.

So many things to give thanks for:

God has blessed me with....

Who would've thought that Ms. Li and I would be in Japan at the same time? (it is INDEED like a dream come true, eh?)
And though our PRAYING via PHONE plan has been kind of irregular to say the least - but it definitely helps to have spiritual support, knowing that we're still praying for each other.

Friends I've made in Korea 3 years ago, who --- incidentally --- got accepted to JET, too! If this is not Meant-To-Be, I'm not sure what is.

Good people I've encountered here in Japan.
My New Zealand buddies... ''What?! You're from Taiwan?!'' Ahaha, I still remember the shock from M's face. No, I am NOT Korean. I don't know how many times I've had to clear that up. Our ONSEN trips, endless dining night outs, chatting/dreaming/planning...

My Taiwanese buddies!
It definitely helps to escape from fragmented Japanese - and even English - and switch to Mandarin mixed with a bit of Jap & Eng, comfort language mode. And of course, great conversation, including 無厘頭的話題~ Now I got 夜市company!! ^0^

My Japanese-tomo!
I'm so blessed to have met so many caring, kind-hearted, fun & wild Japanese friends....... I think I've met some long-lost family members here, indeed!

My crazy, kawaii, genki Students!
They are a BIG PART of the reason why I like Fukuoka so much. Thank God for placing me here, and in these wonderful schools!! I have so many funny stories to tell... maybe I should write a book, チョウ面白い〜〜〜!

Alright, the list goes on... but I think I should save them for when I'm actually leaving, eh?


February will be a good month.


﹣Psalm 16:8-9


ms li said...

official countdown starto!
it's now Feb 1 ,2008
62hrs and 30 mins till you turn 24!!!

in july, 一人ぼっちになっちゃうよ~(泣)

vespertine said...

it's a french bistro called "mistral" - we can go in july ;)