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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Days...

This is my brother in Canada...

The purple kid is a [yet another] mini-duplicate of my brother... Taku-chan.
Family in Japan. No wonder I don't get homesick easily!
Taka-chan, the other one in blue is one of the sweetest boy in all my schools. He told me to wait for his phone call in August. 
Today, I joined the ''Magic Club'' after school, and he was very persistent in showing me all the impressive magic tricks he learned. 

This is Mao, the first student in the 5th grade to jump on my back. She also scribbled on my hands with her black marker, and when I finally glanced at her masterpiece when she was done, I ended up with ANPANMAN on my right hand and ''RUSHIA LOVE'' on the left. 

Today was my last day at this elementary school!
At the end of each lesson today, the students of each grade got together and sang songs, and I received posters and binders of farewell messages along with other hand-made presents. The pink thing I'm holding is a cellphone bag with my name spelled correctly according to most of my students here: R-U-S-I-A. But at least they left out that extra 'S'.


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hiukei said...

寂しいね~there will be so many of this last day...><
yea!! don't forget kleenax!!

take care ne!!