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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That's my SHOE!!!

Today, I was chatting with 鍋ちゃん about my day at school, and she surprised us both when she blurted out:

''So what exactly IS your job?''

We both laughed out loud...

This is what my schedule today looked like:

1) 8:40-11:40 
Sketch festival with one of my Jr. High at our famous  天満宮 shrine
2) 1:00-4:30 
-Watching Simpsons with my English club at another Jr. High
-Sitting in an English class (not taught by me, so I just freely sat beside my 熊, イッキ、and participating in games with the students)
-Playing Baskbetball while cleaning the Gym with my chatty 三年生s
-Practicing soccer with the 部活members (my soccer skills HAVE improved!)
3) 4:30-4:45 
-Biking home, bumping into my 小学生s

還有,最近上課 (國中)發現我的學生越來越沒有分寸,怎麼當初乖巧可愛的國一生變得沒大沒小的? 女生還算好,她們依然乖乖的叫我『ルシア先生。』雖然有幾個已經會找我八卦﹣班上的情侶的發展等等。(And I have to admit, class gossip is really interesting (^-^);...) 

倒是有幾個調皮的男同學﹣有些大不了高我半個頭﹣就有事沒事得意洋洋的墊起腳,笑我矮。>.<, 還故意把我的名字亂念:好好的『Lucia』 突然變成 『Garcia』, 最近他們又對我的小綽號『Russia』 上了癮。

拿他們沒辦法我只好也跟著他們一起瘋,把他們的名字縮短,亂叫一通。(and not minding in the least, they gladly respond to these crazy nicknames I give them.)

今天最離譜的是....一進教室的時候,我右腳的鞋子竟然被那最愛整人的''Ryo-chan no.1''搶走。

比他小一個頭的我也盡了力,(but my energy only lasted me a few minutes) 到後來也只能眼爭爭的看著我那支鞋子被他跟''Yasu-chan''丟來丟去。兩個斑上最高大的男生喜歡的遊戲也不如小學生的惡作劇嘛。





Ai, sometimes it's good to know that we don't always have to act grown-up.


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