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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend with my dear 小鳥様

This weekend was so fun, and went by so fast.

This is Friday, at work - elementary school, my last class with the 5th Graders:
Taka, the little boy in the blue-shirt is the shortest kid in his class, and worries about not growing taller. 
''I'm the exact same height as I was in 4th grade!'' 
How do I get taller? The kids in my table kept asking me, since 165cm sounds monstrously tall to the tiny 10 year-olds.

This is the interesting conversation Taka had with his ALT/Nutritionist at lunchtime:

Hmmm... You should play basketball. 
''Yeah... but I like baseball more.''
Beef! What about BEEF? 
''Mmm hmm... I like beef.''
And milk, maybe. I think.
''OH! I drink milk everyday!!!'' Taka holds up his milk high enough so that I can see a drops milk dripping from his straw, and some from the corner of his mouth. 
(We shouldn't talk and drink at the same time, Taka-chan.)

Well, there you go. I think you just grew an inch right there.

Friday night, I went to pick up my long-awaited visitor... from TOKYO!
And just look what this cute girl brought along... 


And this weekend was just filled with surprises after surprises. I'm getting so many goodies and it's not even Christmas season yet.
Look what we found in TOSU, a small, inaka town about 20 minutes away by JR train.


In Taiwan, my cousins brought me to this famous ice cream store and I fell love with this brand after my first taste of their Mint Chocolate flavored ice cream.

And yet... we meet again... in JAPAN! 
I just hope Canada won't disappoint me, there'd better be one near my house.

So Japan is known for its high quality customer service. But did you know Fukuoka is famous for its friendliness and generosity?

At my favourite CAKE SHOP in Tenjin area, MONT-BLANC.
After our 何とも言えない美味しい lunch-set, we got these MACAROONS for free! サビースだって!^0^

And our luck didn't seem to run out... 
At our next stop, ''Qu'il fait bon'', a famous TART & PIE shop which I've started to frequent VERY, VERY regularly during the last two months, we ordered two yummy tarts - and look what surprises we found on our plates...

An extra [mini] slice!

The pretty waitress with shiny eyes mumbled something like, ''Here you go, please have these..."#$%&0*?+&'....'' and gently put down our places with a big, broad smile. I think we smiled all the way through this special TEA TIME.

小鳥、また一緒に福岡や鳥栖に行こうね!その後は、王子様とフランスやギリシアユロッパの旅かな。へへへ、GOOD NEWSを待っているからね。



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