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''Justice only fails when we fail to imagine that it is possible. But like so many things, it depends not only on imaginings but on what we do.'' - James Orbinski

Monday, September 3, 2007


I really think I might cry...




I never imagined myself being one day brave enough to face COCKROACH problems - until cruel, cruel reality has found me and cornered me in Japan. I now have COCKROACH problems.

I UTTERLY DESPISE ALL COCKROACHES. They can all............. go............... to..................... wherever else than my pretty, neat, cozy apartment. Je les deteste tous...........!! (wow, being angry in French does make a difference.)

Today, when I was at school, helping to clean the classrooms, the students found a dark brown, pill-sized 'THING' on the ground. Then, they found another. The teacher noticed them, and said the following thing in the most casual tone (you'll see why it's so unbelievable):

'Oh yeah, these, are KOKIBURI NO TAMAGO [cockroach eggs].'

I was very glad to find that there were other SHOCKED faces other than mine when the teacher gently brushed the eggs aside with his broom.


If it weren't for a boy student standing beside me, who looked just as pale as I did, I might have dropped my broom and ran out of there. I kept my cool, and asked for confirmation.

The teacher nodded as if it really was no big deal, and smiled as he said: 'Oh, you city kids... you've probably never seen cockroach eggs before...'


And... IRONY finds me in the MOST undesirable situation.

Just as I came out of my shower about 15 minutes ago, I walked into my kitchen, turned on the lights .... and spotted a small, black 'moving thing' on the floor. Unlike the kind, nature lover teacher who ordered the students to throw the eggs out the window -thus letting them live - I flushed that vile thing down my toilet.

The most depressing fact I discovered this evening (through Google.... ah, Google... if only you can solve EVERYTHING) is that each egg will contain at least 10 to 20 of them. No questions asked, I sprayed EVERY corner of the floor creaks, and am hoping for the best. Now, I must lay out more cockroach traps... gosh, I wish someone were here with me to cry with.


No problems can seem bigger now.
Thist must be the most angry and depressing post I have written yet.



Cindy @ Vancouver said...

I haven't check out your blog in ages.. and the first post i read is about Cockroaches??
Ew~~~ we're totally on the same page here, they are DISGUSTING!!
well, good luck... that's all i can say, i am not at all useful when it comes to roaches >_<

Lucia said...

Thanks Cindy. I appreciate the good luck. But I'm afraid I have to rely more on the COCKROACH SPRAY and POISON. How's VANCOUVER? (no cockroaches, I suppose....)