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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Plum Wine... Addict?

Plum Wine is the first and last drink I usually order in Izakayas. It's sweet, and goes well with almost any dish - unlike Kalhua Milk, another favourite drink of mine reserved for after dinner (...along with many delicious Japanese sweets such as ALMOND TOFU, RED BEAN ICE CREAM, and SESAME PARFAIT....). Unfortunately (or maybe Fortunately, depends how you look at it), it has earned me the title of PLUM WINE LOVER, and I've received 4 bottles of them from different people, all convinced that if they had to bring any alcohol gift into my home, it HAS to be Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, 1 litre (or 2) of 梅酒 (ume-shu).

One of the Jr High teachers I work with kindly gave me a... JAR of Plum Wine her mother made. Very nice of her! Now I must add it to my collection... and drink the night away!

'Aaaaaah. Now that's something I've never seen before.. a JAR of sweet alcohol.'


Tribute to my dear neighbour, Jen.

.... Maybe I should make RED WINE my personalized drink now?
My new goal - to receive a '84 bottle by the end of the year. Anyone deem it possible?

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