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Thursday, September 27, 2007


This week, I'm at one of my Jr Highs, and again, having a blast.
In fact, I was enjoying my time at school so much that I mixed up the days...

Then, I recalled that it happened more than once when I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL.

I woke up one morning, glanced at my alarm clock and the '8:25am' display made me jump out of bed and got ready in a crazy rush. I ran as fast as I could - and got to school out of breath, in a total mess, and worrying about detention during lunch. No one was in sight, and a few minutes later, I see the janitor walking towards me.

'Qu'est-ce que tu fais ici?!' he asked, waving the broom at me as if he was going to shoo me away with it. (now I remember he wasn't exactly the kindest janitor)

And then I realized that it was Sunday.
He then realized that I was an idiot, crackled like Gargamel (from 'Les Schtroumpf') and went on his way, delighting over the fact that a poor student had dragged herself all the way from home, mistaking the Glorious, Relaxing Sunday morning for a Dreadful Monday that was lurking somewhere in the background.

Needless to say, I couldn't fall back asleep - I was too shocked at my own stupidity, and stayed wide awake for the entire day.

Other instances include days when I would wake up, thinking that it was Sunday morning, when in fact Monday had already pranced through the time tunnel, allowed itself back in my weekly schedule. 'Yuck', I would think back then.

Today, I was walking down the hall of my school, passing by students who would greet me; the approchable ones, the shy ones, the 'gigglers' - boys and girls alike, and me, thinking for some reason that it's Friday afternoon, and greeted them all with: 'Have a nice weekend!!!'

Then I felt a bit sad, this little emotional drama always occurs at the end of a week when I'd have to leave one school to begin the next week in another. And though I enjoy being at each schools quite equally, I just wished that each Friday would last a little bit longer.

(Of course, if it actually was Friday today.)

And as I was going through my mental agenda, thinking of what lesson plans I should come up with next week -- it hit me -- today is THURSDAY!

(No wonder a few of them stared at me funnily when I was bidding them farewell. 'Crazy teacher', they must have been thinking. 'Bad enough she fell from her bike by the main gate on the first day of school...' Yes, I embarassing incidents still happen all the time in Japan. I still haven't tripped in front of them though, maybe that'll happen on the last day of school.)

So.... I have ONE MORE DAY at school!


T (hank) G (oodness) I (ts) N (ot) F (riday)!

Funny how this kind of HAPPY REALIZATION would never occur in High School, where I wished everyday was Friday and anticipating T.G.I.F. on tv at night.

Well! Growing up for a change, eh?

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