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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

石川旅行 2007

Last weekend - visited Hiukei and had a FA-BU-LOUS time.
A few pictures - highlights of the trip.

My dream come true! Living under water... Now all that we're missing are fish tails and seashell tops to transform me into the Ariel I've always wanted to be since 7.

Tribute to pictures we took last year in Lachine, Montreal.

And... this picture speaks for itself. Look closer.

Our FIRST TIME wearing Yukata out-----!

To the KOI KOI MATSURI we go!

And of course.... CAKES. I know some of you were wondering where the sweets went. We had PLENTY!

All in all, it was one of the BEST trips I've had in Japan. And, that also makes it the most tiring, spent so much energy on chatting, eating, singing, walking, and just having a heck of a time with my SISTER ENCARNACION! We both have panda eyes now.

Miss you!



hiukei said...

miss you a lot!!!!
can't wait to see you in December!!

Lucia said...

December? I thought I was giving someone a surprise visit at the station in October!!!

pei*2 said...