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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To my Dear Students:

Sometimes I wonder if my next job would be as pleasant as teaching English as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan.
I'd like to think that it would be.
But just in case reality fails me--yet again--(i don't blame it though, I just dream too much) I would like to record some of the most enjoyable moments I've encountered while working my fabulous job, here in Dazaifu, my favorite city in Japan.

The most recent ones, I'd like to share here and now -- in case my short term memory steps in again and snatch these precious moments away, hehe...

This afternoon, I was cleaning with my Jr High students, after we swiped the floor spotless, we began to move the desks back to their proper places, and arrange the chairs - a routine task I find fun - while my students think it unbearable - I don't blame them, they've been doing it since they were in grade 1 elementary, and the clueless, foreign teacher is only in her second year bound to this repetitive duty. Anyhow, as we were carrying the desks back, I accidently brushed my finger against the rough wooden surface, and, let's just say that it stung a bit. Two students looked my way, but then quickly turned away. After the cleaning time bell chimed, I went to the bathroom to check my poor, injured finger (oh, allow me to have pity on myself...) .... only to find that nothing was there. Relieved, I walked back to the Teacher's office - where the two students were waiting for me outside.
'....Rushia-sensei, Daijyoubu desuka?'


Then I broke down in tears.


Actually, I didn't.
But I was slightly moved.
Ai, my dear students.... they are shy but they are one of a kind! (these incidents occured at the much shyer school compared to the other one I go to, much more outgoing, but equally adorable)

Second heartwarming event. (I'm quite the drama queen, aren't I?)
Earlier in the day, I dropped in one Third graders' English class, and walked around the classroom as they had a practice Listening Exam. Coincidentally, they were doing the exam from last year, and I was asked to record the questions with another ALT from the UK. It was funny to hear my own voice from the CD player, but it was funnier to see some students looking perplexed, and kept turning back, wincing with suspicion. '... To whom does this BEAUTIFUL VOICE belong to?' they all must have been thinking,


No, they weren't.

But I had fun by throwing my hands in the air and pretending I didn't know whose voice it was.

Two students had the courage to ask me whether if it was my voice or not.
'Rushia Teacher... you, SHI-DEE (CD), voice desu ka?'

To my dear, dear, shy students: I will miss you all very much when you graduate.
Let's hope March 2008 will be a slow month.

* * * * *

And, despite the wonderful time I had at school today, I do have one tiny, tiny complaint I need to vent out....

HOT! HOT! HOT! in Japan.... STILL!

I won't post anymore Christmas pictures, I'm getting the feeling that it's not helping the heat, it is only working the weather against me and all the other Autumn Lovers.

Rather, I will post this lovely picture.

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