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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Raindrops on Roses, Blue Lights on Pine Trees

Maybe it's the heat... maybe it's the teeny tiny bit of nostalgia hidden somewhere in the back closet, maybe it's that urge to buy the long-wanted red scarf, or... maybe it's really just the heat.

Oh, I wish that WINTER was just around the corner...

... Did I mention that my Christmas lights from last year is still hanging from my window?

'My Next-Door Neighbour' seems to be enjoying these tiny lights as much as me

Or maybe I just secretly adore Winter... but Autumn is still my official favourite season. At least that is what I say during my Self-Introduction time in schools. And I can't even begin to tell of how eager my kids (or probably, most kids are) when it comes to their 'favourite' things.

*allow me to interrupt with a memorable moment from SOUND OF MUSIC*

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;
Brown paper packages tied up with strings;
These are a few of my FAVOURITE THINGS...

*back to my post*

And I remember chatting one time with my N-Z friend, and how we both realized that it wasn't until Japan/JET that we really began to distinguish between what we generally like and what our favourite things are. I guess we're never too old to discover new things about ourselves...!

[Some of] My favourite things are....... (in the most random order)

1) Christmas Lights [outdoor, preferably on trees, not green, pink, orange, or any other unbearable Christmas Light colors, please, but yellow, silver or light blue, with even sparklier snow in the background]
2) Cakes [with the right company, even in the most horrendous weather]
3) Dark brown Steinway grand piano in a classy restaurant [in the evening, preferably with good food]
4) Road trip [in a +10~20 degrees, with the windows half-rolled down, and the chilly autumn breeze on my face, and maybe 'Better Together' in the background, 'yeah.... it's always better when we're together, oh... ')
5) Late midnight-chats with Mom
6) Unbelievable fast speed-walking with Dad in Deer Lake
7) Playing Chess with Og - making him think he's winning, but then suddenly foil his seemingly-well devised, unbeatable attack plot with my single pawn... VICTORY, I say!
8) Bugging Jodie with Boy Questions
9) Yuex2 sleeping on my lap
10) A bouquet of Baby Breath tied with plain yellow ribbon [no fancy bow]
11) Biking through rain while basking in the morning Sun [did that on Monday]
12) Laughing nonstop with Hiukei about random, hard-to-get jokes that I'm not even going to try posting here
13) Chatting with Maggie about 'many things' on the couch with my Christmas lights on
14) Receiving emails from long-distance friends - Jen, I still owe you that email... Sir Peanut... I want to see pictures, even if you ARE fat now
15) Looking out the window during take-off and landing (daytime for the former, nighttime for the latter)
16) Re-watching old favorite movies alone at night, while sipping hot milk with honey
17) Hearing my favourite songs on the radio or at the mall - while convincing myself that they're being played especially for me, right then and there
18) Seeing comments! ...
19) Bumping into my students on the street and seeing their HAPPY EXPRESSIONS, not one of those 'Oh.... no.... not her' - which I rarely get. hohoho...
20) Remembering my favourite hymn randomly during the day
21) Waking up with JOY, and THANKSGIVING
22) Talking about old times with old friends... Just had a recent one with Meika, and Flanders
23) Realizing that..... I'm blessed with so many favourite things, so so so many that the list could just go on, but I will choose to end on this significant number.

Now can you guess why I like Winter so much? I just found out myself, actually.

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