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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Movies, movies, movies

10 minutes bike trip, and I find myself in VIDEO AMERICA.
A huge video rental place, from Japanese anime to Hollywood blockbusters, and the best part is not the tons and tons of Japanese dramas... but the 3 & 8 Specials. Ont the 3rd and 8th of every month, every video is one hundred yen - approx. 1 dollar american. Great deal, indeed!


The first one, I watched with my movie buddy, Mitsuyo and it was light, entertaining, FUNNY, and very enjoyable. One of my favorite scene/quote from the movie is the following:

'Well, maybe it is romantic because it's not. l mean... I know there's no music playing, and it's not snowing, but that doesn't mean that it, that it can't be really be something.'

Some finger food for thoughts for the hopelessly romantics.

And BEFORE SUNSET is a movie suggested by a friend, and it's a sequel to BEFORE SUNRISE, which I watched about a month ago. A very TALKATIVE movie, but with quite a few scenes that made me nod and go 'Mmm..., 分かる、分かる...' Anticipating the sequel...

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. Ah.... old movies always bring nostalgia closer to heart. And I must have seen that movies at least 3, 4 times when I was in elementary, high school, and then caught glimpses of it while I was browsing tv channels a while back. So, I wonder how I would rate this movie now, as I watch it again, being 23, being in Japan, ....

Funny thing worth mentioning, I always had a great impression of Seattle BECAUSE of this movie, and thought that if I had to live anywhere in the States, it had to be Seattle.

Oh... two wonderful movies saved for a Sunday afternoon.

And that's tomorrow!
Ah, have a lovely evening everyone.

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